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Using the gastric insufflation method, 5 cases of pancreatic calcification have been detected in a series of 60 patients with cystic fibrosis. All patients were over 5 years of age. Four of them showed a diabetic curve at glucose tolerance test and 2 have recently developed frank diabetes mellitus. The value of gastric distension by gas in the radiological(More)
This study aims to evaluate if myocardial infarction (MI) is more frequent in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients with elevated levels of red cell distribution width (RDW). Utilizing a secure cloud based platform, Explorys, we searched de-identified US patient data between 1999 and 2014. RA patients were identified by serologic positivity and ICD9 diagnosis(More)
SIR, Central nervous system (CNS) involvement is rare in Wegener’s granulomatosis (WG): the spectrum of CNS manifestations includes cerebrovascular events, seizures and cranial nerve abnormalities [1, 2]. Meningitis is exceedingly rare, and its diagnosis often challenging [1–3]. A 57-yr-old man was admitted to hospital because of untreatable headache,(More)
e11634 Background: Breast cancer (BC) rarely occurs in young women. Presentation, behavior and prognosis of BC in such patients (pts), when compared with older women, are unclear. It is believed that tumor is more aggressive in biologic nature in this group of pts. OBJECTIVE to describe Her2/neu status, tumor behavior and prognosis in women aged 35 and(More)
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