Maria Angela Parodi

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Uterine smooth muscle tumors range from benign leiomyomata to low-and high-grade leiomyosarcomas. A leiomyosarcoma is a rare malignant smooth muscle tumor that infrequently metastasizes to the bone. In fact, initial presentation or recurrence as osseous metastases is extremely uncommon in patients with a history of leiomyosarcoma. On imaging, these bone(More)
Two nonlinear methods are employed for the predictions of the maximum amplitude for solar cycle 23 and its declining behavior. First, a new heuristic method based on the second derivative of the (conveniently smoothed) sunspot data is proposed. The curvature of the smoothed sunspot data at cycle minimum appears to correlate (R ∼ 0.92) with the cycle's(More)
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