Maria Angela Gosein

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Female patients who present with ascites, adnexal masses and elevated CA125 levels are typically presumed to have advanced ovarian carcinoma. This can lead to radical surgery with its associated morbidity. An important differential diagnosis to consider is tuberculous peritonitis which can present in a similar manner and responds well to medical treatment.(More)
Cowden syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder with a predisposition to multiple benign and malignant tumors. In our patient, in addition to breast and endometrial malignancies as well as facial trichilemmomas, she was noted to have multiple meningiomas, pancreatic lipomas and lung cysts. These latter lesions have been noted in previous Cowden syndrome(More)
A 29-year-old male petrol station pump attendant was admitted with ataxia and clinical evidence of a sensorimotor polyneuropathy which developed over the preceding 3 months. He had cognitive dysfunction, hearing loss, and cerebellar clinical abnormalities that came on slowly over the three years. He had a fifteen-year history of sniffing mostly glue,(More)
Plexiform neurofibromas are essentially pathognomonic for neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), occurring when there is diffuse involvement along a nerve segment and its branches. Transformation into a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour (MPNST) is a major cause of mortality in NF1 patients. These tumours are highly aggressive and particularly difficult to(More)
Self-administered questionnaires were completed by 314 Trinidadian women, 40 years and older, to ascertain their breast cancer knowledge, attitudes, and practices. Those with higher education had greater knowledge of the benefits of early breast cancer detection (p < .01) and knew that an abnormal mammography result (p = .01) or recall (p < .01) was(More)
A middle-aged female patient, previously diagnosed with asthma, presented with a large spontaneous left pneumothorax. She had a history of nephrectomy for a ruptured renal angiomyolipoma (AML) with a postoperative spontaneous pneumothorax when she was an adolescent. High-resolution CT chest revealed multiple scattered thin-walled lung parenchyma cysts(More)
OBJECTIVE Neurocutaneous syndromes are a heterogeneous group of multisystemic disorders. We review the multimodality imaging findings in the disorders with a propensity for intraabdominal disease. We highlight more recently recognized disease patterns and discuss imaging surveillance optimization. CONCLUSION Knowledge of varied intraabdominal phenotypic(More)
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