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Schwann cell disturbance followed by segmental demyelination in the peripheral nervous system occurs in diabetic patients. Since Schwann cell and oligodendrocyte remyelination in the central nervous(More)
This study emphasizes the importance of free-living coatis as a potential source of microsporidian infection for humans living in large cities. We found 19 (31.7%) positive results among 60 fecal(More)
Long-term cyclophosphamide (CY) treatment was used in male Wistar rats submitted to ethidium bromide (EB) demyelinating model to investigate ultrastructurally the drug effects on remyelination and on(More)
Lymphocytes are present within ethidium-bromide (EB)-demyelinated lesions in the central nervous system (CNS) and the possibility of its participation in accidental immune-mediated responses to the(More)