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BACKGROUND Clinical practice guidelines (CPG) are developed, endorsed, and disseminated through professional medical organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association (APA) as the standard of care for health care providers. Because of their influence, it is critical that CPG are based on objective data, unprejudiced by stakeholder groups, and that(More)
We address an open question of Francis and Steel about phylogenetic networks and trees. They give a polynomial time algorithm to decide if a phylogenetic network, N, is tree-based and pose the problem: given a fixed tree T and network N, is N based on T? We show that it is [Formula: see text]-hard to decide, by reduction from 3-Dimensional Matching (3DM)(More)
In 1987 the University of Guadalajara performed a seroepidemiological survey in order to know the prevalence of infection for Trypanosoma cruzi in the 124 counties of the state of Jalisco, Mexico in which appraisals of 21.6 for 100 inhabitants were gotten. From December of 1993 to June of 1994 was carried out a pursuit of some those individuals, studying it(More)
We examined the effects of the Mogi-Guaçu river damming (São Paulo State, Brazil) on the Chironomidae fauna. Pre, during, and post-filling sampling was carried out in the main channel and margins of one site in the upper zone of the reservoir, using a modified Petersen grab (325 cm2). We evaluated the total, subfamily, and tribe densities and also their(More)
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