Maria Amelia Matos

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The aim of this study was to evaluate whether emergent conditional relations could be established with a go/no-go procedure using compound abstract stimuli. The procedure was conducted with 6 adult humans. During training, responses emitted in the presence of certain stimulus compounds (A1B1, A2B2, A3B3, B1C1, B2C2, and B3C3) were followed by reinforcing(More)
The effects of observing internal and external events on blood glucose (BG) discrimination were assessed in eight patients with type 1 diabetes using an intrasubject design. During baseline condition, participants estimated their BG, then measured and recorded it (feedback-only procedure) three times a day. Participants were then divided randomly into two(More)
We report a study with sixteen low-SES Brazilian children that sought to establish a repertoire of relations involving dictated words, printed words, and corresponding pictures. Children were taught: (1) in response to dictated words, to select corresponding pictures; (2) in response to syllables presented in both visual and auditory formats, to select(More)
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