Maria Alice Santanna

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Predicting the transfer of contaminants in soils is often hampered by lacking validation of mathematical models. Here, we applied Hydrus-2D software to three agricultural soils for simulating the 1900-2005 changes of zinc and lead concentration profiles derived from industrial atmospheric deposition, to validate the tested models with plausible assumptions(More)
Phosphate sorption-desorption parameters like maximum phosphorus (P) adsorption capacity (P max), equilibrium phosphorus concentration (EPC), water desorbable P (α), potentially bioavailable P (β), and mobility index (α/β ratio) were determined in order to understand the sediment source-sink nature in Guaporé catchment in southern Brazil during summer and(More)
The use of soil outside of its capacity generates great amount of sediments and can transfer phosphate to water courses, giving rise to eutrophication. The present work aims to estimate the phosphorus desorption capacity of sediments transferred in the small watershed of Arroio Lino brook, in Agudo town, Brazil, under oxic and anoxic conditions. Samples of(More)
In this work, the effects of the structural (crystallite size, stress) and electronic parameters (band gap, lifetime) on the photoelectrocatalysis and electron transport over CdSe electrodeposited inside TiO2-nanotubes (CdSe@TiO2NT) were investigated. Density functional theory (DFT) calculations of TiO2 were used to elucidate the electronic band structure(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the response of MAGIC-f gel through dose response curves, percentage depth dose (PDD) and beam profile for clinical electron beams. METHODS Glass tubes (Vacutainer ®), with 6 cm length and 0.5 cm radius, with MAGIC-f were positioned inside a water phantom to study the gel response with doses from 0.5 Gy to 20 Gy in electron beams of 6,(More)
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