Maria Alice Rostom de Mello

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This study was undertaken to characterize the effects of the linear periodized training in rats on aerobic and anaerobic performance, glycogen concentration in soleus, gastrocnemius and liver, hormones concentrations (testosterone and corticosterone), enzymes and metabolites (creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase, creatinine, uric acid and urea) as well as(More)
BACKGROUND Hox genes encode transcription factors that are involved in pattern formation in the skeleton, and recent evidence suggests that they also play a role in the regulation of endochondral ossification. To analyze the role of Hoxc-8 in this process in more detail, we applied in vitro culture systems, using high density cultures of primary(More)
Laboratory rats, when kept in conditions regarded as "standard", are physically inactive, do not have proper environmental stimulation and have free access to food, which can lead to metabolic syndrome and fat accumulation in the liver. This study aimed to analyse the susceptibility of "control animals", which have free access to food, to metabolic syndrome(More)
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