Maria Alice Rostom de Mello

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of creatine supplementation in the diet on indicators of glucose metabolism in skeletal muscle of exercised rats. Forty Wistar adult rats were distributed into four groups for eight weeks: 1) Control: sedentary rats that received balanced diet; 2) Creatine control: sedentary rats that received(More)
Protein restriction at early stages of life reduces β-cell volume, number of insulin-containing granules, insulin content and release by pancreatic islets in response to glucose and other secretagogues, abnormalities similar to those seen in type 2 diabetes. Amino acids are capable to directly modulate insulin secretion and/or contribute to the maintenance(More)
To evaluate the effect of acute exercise and exercise training at the anaerobic threshold (AT) intensity on aerobic conditioning and insulin secretion by pancreatic islets, adult male Wistar rats were submitted to the lactate minimum test (LMT) for AT determination. Half of the animals were submitted to swimming exercise training (trained), 1 h/day, 5(More)
This study was undertaken to characterize the effects of the linear periodized training in rats on aerobic and anaerobic performance, glycogen concentration in soleus, gastrocnemius and liver, hormones concentrations (testosterone and corticosterone), enzymes and metabolites (creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase, creatinine, uric acid and urea) as well as(More)
Hox genes encode transcription factors that are involved in pattern formation in the skeleton, and recent evidence suggests that they also play a role in the regulation of endochondral ossification. To analyze the role of Hoxc-8 in this process in more detail, we applied in vitro culture systems, using high density cultures of primary chondrocytes from(More)
Hox genes are well-known regulators of pattern formation and cell differentiation in the developing vertebrate skeleton. Although skeletal variations are not uncommon in humans few mutations in human HOX genes have been described. If such mutations are compatible with life, there may be physiological modifiers for the manifestation of Hox gene-controlled(More)
The present study investigated the effects of moderate physical training on some of the parameters in the GH-IGF axis in experimental diabetic rats. Male Wistar rats were allocated into the following groups: sedentary control, trained control, sedentary diabetic, trained diabetic. Diabetes was induced by alloxan (32 mg/kg, b.w. iv). The physical training(More)
In this study we compared the metabolic response to acute exercise among rats fed on a standard diet or on a spirulina diet. Young Wistar rats were divided into two groups according to diet: control (C) (standard diet) and spirulina (S) (spirulina diet). At the end of experimental period (5 weeks) rats were submitted to an acute exercise session of swimming(More)
The maximal lactate steady state (MLSS) is considered the gold standard method for determination of aerobic/anaerobic metabolic transition during continuous exercise, but the blood lactate response at this intensity is ergometer-dependent in human beings. An important tool for exercise physiology and correlated fields is the use of animal models. However,(More)