Maria-Alexandra Paun

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Several Hall sensor configurations have been integrated in CMOS 0.35 μm technology and analyzed in terms of offset at room temperature and offset drift. We searched for the best geometry that would minimize the offset and its corresponding drift. The targeted specifications were ±30 μT for offset at room temperature and ±0.3 μT/°C for the drift. The(More)
The present paper focuses on various aspects regarding Hall Effect sensors' design, integration, and behavior analysis. In order to assess their performance, different Hall Effect geometries were tested for Hall voltage, sensitivity, offset, and temperature drift. The residual offset was measured both with an automated measurement setup and by manual(More)
Five different Hall Effect sensors were modeled and their performance evaluated using a three dimensional simulator. The physical structure of the implemented sensors reproduces a certain technological fabrication process. Hall voltage, absolute, current-related, voltage-related and power-related sensitivities were obtained for each sensor. The effect of(More)
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