Maria Alexandra Ferreira-Valente

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The Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), Numerical Rating Scale (NRS), Verbal Rating Scale (VRS), and the Faces Pain Scale-Revised (FPS-R) are among the most commonly used measures of pain intensity in clinical and research settings. Although evidence supports their validity as measures of pain intensity, few studies have compared them with respect to the critical(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine the associations between coping and adjustment to chronic pain in a sample of patients from Portugal and to discuss the findings with respect to published findings from two studies using patients from the United States. DESIGN Two brief measures of pain coping were translated and administered with measures of(More)
AIMS This study sought to translate and evaluate the psychometric properties of a European Portuguese version of the Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (P-PSEQ), in order to enable its use in clinical and cross-cultural studies. MATERIAL AND METHODS The Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire was translated into European Portuguese and then back-translated into(More)
OBJECTIVE Current models of chronic pain recognize that psychosocial factors influence pain and the effects of pain on daily life. The role of such factors has been widely studied on English-speaking individuals with chronic pain. It is possible that the associations between such factors and adjustment may be influenced by culture. This study sought to(More)
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