Maria Alelaide Marini

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate whether diabetic patients carrying the Arg(972) insulin receptor substrate-1 (IRS-1) variant are at increased risk for secondary failure to sulfonylurea. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A total of 477 unrelated Caucasian type 2 diabetic patients were recruited according to the following criteria: onset of(More)
Oxygen equilibrium curves of human hemoglobin Ao (HbAo) and human hemoglobin cross-linked between the alpha chains (alpha alpha Hb) by bis(3,5-dibromosalicyl) fumarate were measured as a function of pH and chloride or organic phosphate concentration. Compared to HbAo, the oxygen affinity of alpha alpha Hb was lower, cooperativity was maintained, although(More)
Using a millimolar absorptivity of 7.12 +/- 0.09 at 523 nm, it is possible to estimate the total concentration of hemoglobin in solutions containing oxyhemoglobin, deoxyhemoglobin and methemoglobin in any combination. This estimate is independent of the pH in the range 6.0-10.0 and will provide concentrations comparable to that obtained by the conventional(More)
A differential pH and thermal titrimeter has been used to determine the ionization constants of EDTA and EGTA as well as their calcium complexes. The intrinsic heat of binding is a constant for the pH range 2-11.5 for both substances and is found to be -5.4 kcal mol for EDTA and -7.9 kcal mol-1 for EGTA. The binding constants evaluated by fitting to the(More)
A procedure is presented for the preparation of a purified fraction of adult human hemoglobin (HbAo) from one unit of outdated blood. The entire process requires less than 16 h and gives a sterile, endotoxin-free solution of HbAo (approximately 30 g) in a yield of 50%. The solutions are isoionic with a conductivity of less than 15 mu mhos and less than 2(More)
Erythrocytes, suspended in a glucose-containing buffer, catalyzed the partial reduction of extracellular methemoglobin. Physiological concentrations of ascorbic acid or dehydroascorbic acid greatly enhanced the rate of reaction and the ultimate extent of reduction. The relationship between erythrocyte concentration and initial reaction rate was nonlinear,(More)