Maria Alejandra Sequeira

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1. Lyotropic behavior of C12OazoE3OH: Pure amphiphiles with rigid segments like azobenzenes with a similar non-ionic head are able to form stable bilayers1. An aliquot of C12OazoE3OH (19 mM, in chloroform) was placed onto non-treated glass and evaporation the solvent at room temperature was allowed. Polarized optical microscopy (POM) observation through(More)
Medicinal chemistry is intimately connected with basic science such as organic synthesis, chemical biology and biophysical chemistry among other disciplines. The reason of such connections is due to the power of organic synthesis to provide designed molecules; chemical biology to give tools to discover biological and/or pathological pathways and biophysical(More)
We report the synthesis and characterization of a simple nonionic azoamphiphile, C12OazoE3OH, which behaves as an optically controlled molecule alone and in a biomembrane environment. First, Langmuir monolayer and Brewster angle microscopy (BAM) experiments showed that pure C12OazoE3OH enriched in the (E) isomer was able to form solidlike mesophase even at(More)
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