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Lack of functional telomeres can cause chromosomal aberrations. This type of genetic instability may promote tumorigenesis. We have investigated the association between mean telomere length in buccal cells (assessed with quantitative real-time PCR) and bladder cancer risk in a case-control study. Patients with bladder cancer displayed significantly shorter(More)
This review assesses the contribution of occupational asbestos exposure to the occurrence of mesothelioma and lung cancer in Europe. Available information on national asbestos consumption, proportions of the population exposed, and exposure levels is summarized. Population-based studies from various European regions on occupational asbestos exposure,(More)
To ascertain the frequency of treatment-related acute myeloid leukemias and myelodysplastic syndromes (t-AML/t-MDS) in an unselected series, we have identified all adult cases analyzed in our department from 1976 to 1993. Further aims were to compare karyotypic features of t-AML/t-MDS with de novo AML/MDS, in our material as well as in 5098 unselected,(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this population-based study was to investigate associations between recreational values of the close natural environment and neighbourhood satisfaction, physical activity, obesity and wellbeing. METHODS Data from a large public health survey distributed as a mailed questionnaire in suburban and rural areas of southern Sweden were(More)
Total and cause specific mortality and cancer morbidity were studied among 1929 asbestos cement workers with an estimated median cumulative exposure of 2.3 fibre (f)-years/ml (median intensity 1.2 f/ml, predominantly chrysotile). A local reference cohort of 1233 industrial workers and non-case referents from the exposed cohort were used for comparisons. The(More)
BACKGROUND Both lifestyle factors and occupational and environmental factors have been suggested to affect the female reproductive system. In the present study, the separate and joint effects of several such factors are investigated. METHODS Information on time to pregnancy (TTP) was available for 1578 women randomly selected from the general Swedish(More)
BACKGROUND Results from studies of road traffic noise and hypertension are heterogeneous with respect to effect size, effects among males and females and with respect to effects across age groups. Our objective was to further explore these associations. METHODS The study used cross-sectional public health survey data from southern Sweden, including 24,238(More)
OBJECTIVES Cyclophosphamide (CP) is an alkylating agent classified as a human carcinogen. Health care workers handling this drug may be exposed during, e.g., preparation or administration. Cyclophosphamide is readily absorbed by inhalation and by dermal uptake. A biomarker, CP in urine, has frequently been used to assess the occupational exposure to CP, but(More)
Exposure to diesel exhaust causes inflammatory responses. Previous controlled exposure studies at a concentration of 300 μg/m3 of diesel exhaust particles mainly lasted for 1 h. We prolonged the exposure period and investigated how quickly diesel exhaust can induce respiratory and systemic effects. Eighteen healthy volunteers were exposed twice to diluted(More)
BACKGROUND Most studies assessing health effects of neighborhood characteristics either use self-reports or objective assessments of the environment, the latter often based on Geographical Information Systems (GIS). While objective measures require detailed landscape data, self-assessments may yield confounded results. In this study we demonstrate how(More)