Maria Agnes Hoelzl

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Tumourigenesis caused by the Bcr/Abl oncoprotein is a multi-step process proceeding from initial to tumour-maintaining events and finally results in a complex tumour-supporting network. A key to successful cancer therapy is the identification of critical functional nodes in an oncogenic network required for disease maintenance. So far, the transcription(More)
The transcription factors and proto-oncogenes STAT3 and STAT5 are highly activated in hematological malignancies and represent promising therapeutic targets. Whereas the importance of STAT5 as tumor promoter is beyond doubt, the role of STAT3 in hematological cancers is less well understood. Both, enforced as well as attenuated expression of STAT3 were(More)
In Eμ-myc transgenic animals lymphoma formation requires additional genetic alterations, which frequently comprise loss of p53 or overexpression of BCL-2. We describe that the nature of the "second hit" affects the ability of the immune system to contain lymphoma development. Tumors with disrupted p53 signaling killed the host more rapidly than BCL-2(More)
The Stat5 transcription factors Stat5a and Stat5b have been implicated in lymphoid development and transformation. Using the complete Stat5 knockout mice, we have previously shown that Stat5a/b null/null cells were resistant to transformation and leukemia development induced by Abelson oncogenes, whereas Stat5a/b ΔN/ΔN cells readily transformed. So far,(More)
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