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The effects of spermine on peptidyltransferase inhibition by an aminohexosylcytosine nucleoside, blasticidin S, and by a macrolide, spiramycin, were investigated in a model system derived from(More)
Specimens of Mytilus galloprovincialis were placed in bow nets and immersed at 3-10 m depth in a clean coastal region (reference area), Itea, and two marine stations along Gulf of Patras, N.(More)
Protein L4 from Thermus thermophilus (TthL4) was heterologously overproduced in Escherichia coli cells. To study the implication of the extended loop of TthL4 in the exit-tunnel and(More)
The structural and functional importance of the highly conserved amino acid residue glutamic acid 56 (Glu56) of the ribosomal protein L4 from Thermus thermophilus (TthL4) has been investigated by(More)
The effect of two photoreactive analogues of spermine, N(1)-azidobenzamidino- (ABA-) spermine and N(1)-azidonitrobenzoyl- (ANB-) spermine, on ribosomal functions was studied in a cell-free system(More)
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