Maria A T Groves

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A comparison has been performed, using phage display or ribosome display, of stringent selections on antibody populations derived from three rounds of phage display selection. Stringent selections were performed by reducing concentrations of the antigen, bovine insulin, down to 1 nM. Higher affinity antibodies were isolated using ribosome display in a(More)
Guided selection is a method of producing a human version of a rodent or any other non-human antibody. The process is a serial transition from rodent to human via rodent-human chimaerics, through to a panel of human antibodies with similar characteristics to those of the starting rodent antibody. The guided selection process can be undertaken using either(More)
Picloram-specific variable fragments (V(HH)s) of heavy chain antibodies (HCAbs) were selected from a nai;ve-llama library using ribosome display technology. A cDNA library of V(HH)s was constructed from lymphocytes of a non-immunized llama and engineered to allow in vitro transcription and translation. With no stop codons present on the transcripts,(More)
The composition and protein quality of the two most important Western Australian export-quality pollens were investigated. Crude pollen protein content was 20.6% and 27.9% for Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) and Marri (Eucalyptus calophylla), respectively. Lysine was the limiting amino acid relative to the FAO protein scoring pattern (Food and Agriculture(More)
Anti-idiotype antibodies against a therapeutic antibody are key reagents for the development of immunogenicity and pharmacokinetic (PK) assays during pre-clinical and clinical development. Here we have used a combination of phage and ribosome display to isolate a panel of monoclonal anti-idiotype antibodies with sub-nanomolar affinity and high specificity(More)
In vitro selection technologies are an important means of affinity maturing antibodies to generate the optimal therapeutic profile for a particular disease target. Here, we describe the isolation of a parent antibody, KENB061 using phage display and solution phase selections with soluble biotinylated human IL-1R1. KENB061 was affinity matured using phage(More)