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The study describes the daily activity of the European ground squirrel in an experimental plot, situated in a heavily grazed pasture near the town of Knezha, Northwestern Bulgaria. Above ground activity was recorded with a visual scanning procedure in summer and autumn of 2006. In summer animals emerged on an average 1.94 h after the civil twilight at dawn(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the residues of heavy metals as an indicator of environmental pollution in internal organs of golden jackal (Canis aureus) from an agricultural region in Bulgaria. It was demonstrated that the golden jackal has high potential for specific accumulation of heavy metals, thus implying that this species may serve as a(More)
This study aims to represent the first report on population variation of 20 non-metric skull characters in East European vole (Microtus levis) from the Balkan (populations from Northern Dobruja; Southern Dobruja; East part of the Danube Plain; North-east Trace; Sofia field; South-east Trace) and Anatolian peninsulas (populations from North-west Anatolia(More)
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