Maria A. Kanaki

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BACKGROUND Genetic polymorphisms of genes involved in DNA repair and glutathione metabolic pathways may affect patients' response to platinum-based chemotherapy. We retrospectively assessed whether single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) of DNA-repair genes ERCC1, XPD, XRCC1 and glutathione S-transferase genes GSTP1, GSTT1 and GSTM1 predict overall survival(More)
A 36-year-old female presented with cerebral infarction due to severe vessel stenosis after spontaneous rupture of a craniopharyngioma, manifesting as aphasia and drowsiness. Neuroimaging showed the suprasellar cystic tumor with wall enhancement and cerebral infarction in the left temporoparietal region, and also enhancement of the left sylvian fissure and(More)
In this study we examined the glycaemic index (GI) and glycaemic load (GL) of a functional food product, which contains ewe-goat whey protein and carbohydrates in a 1:1 ratio. Nine healthy volunteers, (age, 23.3 ± 3.9 years; body mass index, 24.2 ± 4.1 kg·m2; body fat %, 18.6 ± 10.0) randomly consumed either a reference food or amount of the test food both(More)
In this paper, a microwave imaging technique for reconstructing the shape of two-dimensional perfectly conducting scatterers by means of the particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed. The reconstruction is based on scattered field simulated measurements derived by transverse magnetic illuminations. Two different implementations of the particle swarm(More)
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