Maria A Castiglione-Morelli

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The structural and biological properties of the amino acid sequence coded by the rarely expressed exon 26A of human elastin were investigated. The C-terminal portion of this sequence, corresponding to residues 600-619 of human tropoelastin, REGDPSSSQHLPSTPSSPRV and three shorter derived peptides, LREGDPSS, SSSQHLPS, and LPSTPSSP, were synthesized and(More)
The amides of Leu5-enkephalin, Met5-enkephalin, and three analogues, D-Ala2,Leu5-enkephalin, (AcO)Tyr1,Met5-enkephalin, and (AcO)Tyr1,D-Ala2,Met5-enkephalin, have been studied by means of 1H NMR spectroscopy in two different solvent systems: Me2SO-d6 and CDCl3. In the latter solvent the peptides were dissolved as complexes with 18-crown-6-ether, a coronand(More)
Recent results with the Drosophila melanogaster period gene suggest that the apparently conserved repetitive motif (Thr-Gly)n encoded by this gene may play an important role in the temperature compensation of the circadian clock. We have therefore initiated both a theoretical and experimental conformational analysis of (Thr-Gly)n peptides. By using a(More)
The shape of the active site of the receptor for sweet molecules was previously defined on the basis of a combination of both rigid (saccharins) and flexible (aspartame) molds. In this paper, the sweetness receptor is refined with use of the shapes of 3-anilino-2-styryl-3H-naphtho[1,2-d]imidazolesulfonate (sweet) and of(More)
The structure-activity relationship of several mu selective opioid peptides has been evaluated on the basis of both experimental and theoretical approaches. The conformations of Tyr-D-Ala-Phe-Gly-NH2, the tetrapeptide N-fragment of dermorphin, and two analogues have been studied in solution by 1H NMR spectroscopy. The physicochemical environment inside the(More)
The structures of the fifth and sixth transmembrane segments of the bovine mitochondrial oxoglutarate carrier (OGC) and of the hydrophilic loop that connects them were studied by CD and NMR spectroscopies. Peptides F215-R246, W279-K305 and P257-L278 were synthesized and structurally characterized. CD data showed that at high concentrations of TFE and SDS(More)
The structures of the first and the second transmembrane segment of the bovine mitochondrial oxoglutarate carrier (OGC) were studied by circular dichroism (CD) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopies. Peptides 21-46 and 78-108 of its primary sequence were synthesized and structurally characterized in membrane-mimetic environments. CD data showed(More)
Bioactive peptides of natural origin have, in general, short linear sequences, and are characterized by a large conformational flexibility. It is very difficult to study their conformation in solution since they exist, almost invariably, as a complex mixture of numerous conformers, most of which are extended. The so-called bioactive conformation may be one(More)
Dermaseptins, small polycationic peptides synthesized by amphibians, exert a lytic action on bacteria, protozoa, yeast, and filamentous fungi at micromolar concentrations, but unlike polylysines, show little hemolytic activity. Dermaseptins S are active only against bacteria and form aggregates at high peptide/lipid ratios, whereas dermaseptins B are active(More)