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Since its inception as an analytical technique some 30 years ago atomic absorption spectrometry has become a firmly established method for the analysis of trace metals. Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry provides the analyst with the capability of analysis of solutions containing mug l(-1) levels of the analyte, but, because of the transient(More)
The issue of how to support situation awareness among crews of modem commercial aircraft is becoming especially important with the introduction of automation in the form of sophisticated flight management computers and expert systems designed to assist the crew. In this paper, cognitive theories are discussed that have relevance for the definition and(More)
The increasing availability of modern microcomputer systems and their advantages is now appreciated by analytical instrument manufacturers and laboratory staff. Offering powerful computing facilities for moderate cost, the microcomputer has the major virtue of functioning readily in conversational mode, rather than the batch-processing mode associated with(More)
The computing power and data storage capacity of personal microcomputers have increased dramatically during the past few years and this rapid development in semiconductor technology has been reflected in the growing use of microcomputers in analytical laboratories. Important uses for these small computers include the control of instrumentation and the(More)
This paper presents the development of a low-cost MEMS based biomimetic tactile device intended to be incorporated as the core element in a biomimetic fingerpad. The developed silicon based sensing devices consist of an array of capacitive sensors with optimized design to measure force ranges encountered during tactile exploration of surfaces with different(More)
An Apple microcomputer has been interfaced to a Perkin-Elmer model 577 infrared spectrometer. The spectral data are digitized with the aid of an in-house designed 12-bit analogue-to-digital interface unit. Control and status signals are obtained from the spectrometer and an optical encoder unit is used to provide an accurate wavenumber marker for the(More)
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