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The spawning grounds of the chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) and spotted mackerel (Scomber australasicus) in the East China Sea were estimated based on catch statistics of the Japanese large- and medium-type purse seine fishery from 1992 to 2006. Biometric data were obtained from specimens caught by purse seiners in the East China Sea from 1998 to 2006.(More)
In order to supplement our previous report on the reliability and validity of slow vertex response (SVR) audiometry, the detectability of the response, the agreement among scorers and test-retest reliability were studied in 6 children aged 2-4 years who have sensorineural hearing loss of 60-75 dB for the test frequency (1 000 Hz). Mean percentage of(More)
Final oocyte maturation and ovulation of captive chub mackerel Scomber japonicus with fully yolk-accumulated occytes were induced by a single injection of human chorionic gonadotropin. Reproductive parameters, including spawning frequency and batch fecundity, which are required to estimate spawning biomass in pelagic fish by the daily egg production method,(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the growth and reproductive characteristics of round scad Decapterus maruadsi in the East China Sea. The characteristics regarding growth and reproduction of round scad based on otolith reading and gonad histology, respectively, were estimated. The von Bertalanffy’s growth model for round scad was estimated as(More)
This study examined the spawning season, spawning frequency and batch fecundity of yellow sea bream Dentex hypselosomus in the East China Sea to reassess the previously reported reproductive characteristics of the species. Time-course sampling showed that this species had a diurnal ovarian maturation rhythm. Late tertiary yolk-stage oocytes appeared 2 days(More)
The abundance index (AI) is a representative indicator used to assess the state of fishery resources. Conventional AI is generally calculated by summing the catch per unit of effort (CPUE) weighted by the size of each fishing area. However, CPUE data has many missing values owing to annual changes in operational fishing areas, and this can lead to a(More)
Growth and reproductive characteristics of jack mackerel Trachurus japonicus collected in the East China Sea were determined based on otolith readings and gonad histology, respectively. Translucent and opaque zones on sectioned otoliths were identified and opaque rings counted. Von Bertalanffy growth parameters did not significantly differ between males and(More)
The effects of horizontal as well as vertical optokinetic stimuli on the body's center of gravity in normal adults were investigated by using Jungtype optokinetic stimulator, a straingage platform and a minicomputer. The following results were obtained. With increasing speed of the optokinetic stimulation, the total length of the center of gravity gradually(More)