Mari Yamamoto

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 Transition from a contractile to a synthetic phenotype appears to be an early key event during the development of intimal thickening after arterial wall injury. We examined the expression of osteopontin mRNA, proliferation, and phenotypic properties of smooth muscle cells (SMCs) in rabbit neointima after balloon denudation and in primary culture. A strong(More)
 Extracellular matrix-degrading enzymes may play a key role in vascular remodeling after arterial wall injury. We investigated the immunolocalization of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in rabbit carotid arteries after balloon denudation. Positive immunostaining for MMP-1, -2, -3, and -9 appeared through the neointima 1 week after balloon denudation. The(More)
The suppression of gene expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) which regulates tumor angiogenesis in vivo and is an important factor in tumor growth represents a novel approach to cancer treatment. Although small interfering RNA (siRNA) has rapidly become a major tool in gene therapy and is a key inhibitory factor of gene expression, its(More)
 Extracellular matrix formation and smooth muscle cell proliferation are two major factors contributing to the development of intimal thickening after arterial injury. We investigated the elastin formation, tropoelastin transcripts, and proliferation of smooth muscle cells during the development of intimal thickening in rabbit carotid arteries after balloon(More)
The aim of this study was to establish an in vitro method for evaluating the effect of supersaturation on oral absorption of poorly water-soluble drugs in vivo. Albendazole, dipyridamole, gefitinib, and ketoconazole were used as model drugs. Supersaturation of each drug was induced by diluting its stock solution by fasted state simulated intestinal fluid(More)
Extracellular matrix (ECM) constituents likely play an important role in cell proliferation and the invasion of malignant human gliomas. We examined the formation of stress fibers and the growth of the human glioblastoma cell lines A172 and T98G cultured on collagen types I, IV, and V laminin (LN), and fibronectin (FN). A172 cells cultured on LN and FN(More)
 Smooth muscle cell (SMC) proliferation may be positively or negatively regulated by various factors after arterial wall injury. We investigated the hypothesis that the p53 protein may play a role in regulating SMC proliferation. We examined p53 protein expression and p53 gene transcript distribution in rabbit carotid arteries over a period of 6 weeks after(More)
Prolapsus uteri in pelvic supportive disorders are common in elderly women, and their etiology remains unclear. We examined elastin-binding proteins (EBPs) and binding sites in cultured cardinal ligament fibroblasts derived from elderly patients with prolapsus uteri (HPLiF) and compared them with those from age-matched control subjects (HCLiF). Cell(More)
OBJECTIVES Serum diamine oxidase (DAO) level is employed as a useful marker of intestinal mucosal integrity. As reported previously, the range of serum DAO levels in women is wider than that in men. We hypothesized that the menstrual cycle may affect DAO levels. DESIGN AND METHODS Thirty-six women of Japanese descent were recruited. All participants, aged(More)