Mari Sako

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School-to-work patterns and issues are discussed for seven economies (France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, UK and US). The emphasis is placed on differences across countries in both the current labour market position of young people and recent trends therein, along with the institutions that regulate youth education, training and employment. The(More)
The paper explains the evolution of India's software industry since its origination in 1974. Unlike the offshored software outsourcing industries of Ireland and Israel, in which multinationals started the industry, in India, local conglomerates began the industry by sending programmers to clients' sites overseas. We argue that these outcomes were due to(More)
Forthcoming In Ctuistel Lane and Rclnhard Backmann (eds.) Trust Within and Between Orgmi:anotu Oxford Univcrsl ty I%css. Does Trust improve Business Performance? hlarl sako Dots trust buslncss \vhcre Lhc. mpro~c business performance? And f so, how can trust be created In rc IS none? These are [he two quest]ons \vhich this chapter addresses. The mam aim of(More)
1 1 The author gratefully acknowledges funding by, and valuable discussion within, the International Motor Vehicle Program (IMVP). This paper incorporates insights gained through interviews carried out at OEMs and module suppliers in Europe and North America. I wish to thank all those who gave generously of their time in answering my questions.
This paper analyses the structure and functions of suppliers' associations (kyory-okukai) in the automobile industry in Japan. The bilateral assembler-supplier relationship has received much attention recently as a source of Japanese industrial competitiveness. However, this paper argues that the hitherto neglected area of intersupplier coordination in(More)
This article examines institutional linkages between corporate governance and labour management in Germany. German corporate governance was characterised by the importance of banks, ownership concentration, long-term investment, and stable corporate networks. This system displayed important complementarities with stable long-term employment, investment in(More)