Mari Lehtonen

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Providing distributed electricity within today's liberalized markets will require new innovations in intelligent IT-based network control. This paper draws on research on Large Technological Systems and control in other sectors in order to analyze the evolution of electricity network control in western Denmark and the UK during the post-War period. It(More)
This paper reviews and identifies the distinct perspectives on knowledge management as well as the key conceptual views on competence and competence management. It introduces the perceivable co-evolution of knowledge management and competence management in recent research and practice, and shows the movement towards an integrated and systemic view where the(More)
It is well known that the dynamics in business are changing. Companies need to be aware of changes in their business environment, have an ability to recognize and exploit opportunities through their rare and distinctive resources and capabilities. This depends on their dynamic ability to reinvent their capabilities, business models, and strategies as(More)
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