Mari Figaro

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Despite greater disability from knee osteoarthritis among Blacks, Whites are 3-5 times more likely to have total knee replacement (TKR). The authors explored whether beliefs among Blacks about arthritis and surgery contribute to this disparity. Ninety-four Blacks, ages 50 to 89, with knee arthritis underwent semistructured qualitative interviews regarding(More)
BACKGROUND Pay-for-performance is proliferating, yet its impact on key stakeholders remains uncertain. OBJECTIVE The Society of General Internal Medicine systematically evaluated ethical issues raised by performance-based physician compensation. RESULTS We conclude that current arrangements are based on fundamentally acceptable ethical principles, but(More)
Contributionà la théorie mathématique du transport quantique dans les systèmes de Hall Soutenue le 14 décembre 2009, devant le jury composé de germinettes : Coni et Amal ainsi que mon co-thèsard , co-locataire et compa-gnon de fortune comme d ' infortune Benoit. ` A un niveau plus personnel maintenant , je remercie la Famille. A commencer par mes parents et(More)
UNLABELLED Diseases caused by zoonotic viruses (viruses transmittable between humans and animals) are a major threat to public health throughout the world. By studying virus migration and mutation patterns, the field of phylogeography provides a valuable tool for improving their surveillance. A key component in phylogeographic analysis of zoonotic viruses(More)
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