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We examined the effect of oropharyngeal stimulation on thirst, secretion of arginine vasopressin ([AVP]p), and fluid intake in six healthy adults after dehydration (28.6 +/- 1.4 ml/kg water loss) induced by mild exercise in the heat (2 h, 38 degrees C, relative humidity < 30%). Subjects performed three identical dehydration protocols followed by 75 min of(More)
Participants in a Nashville Davidson County survey were queried regarding influenza vaccination, with the goal of developing strategies to improve vaccination coverage in the county. The Metropolitan Public Health Department used a locally adapted version of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System in a random-digit-dialing phone survey with a sample(More)
Intact plants and stem-girdled plants of Phaseolus vulgaris grown hydroponically were exposed to 5 degrees C for up to 4 d; stem girdling was used to inhibit the phloem transport from the leaves to the roots. After initial water stress, stomatal closure and an amelioration of root water transport properties allowed the plants to rehydrate and regain turgor.(More)
Despite greater disability from knee osteoarthritis among Blacks, Whites are 3-5 times more likely to have total knee replacement (TKR). The authors explored whether beliefs among Blacks about arthritis and surgery contribute to this disparity. Ninety-four Blacks, ages 50 to 89, with knee arthritis underwent semistructured qualitative interviews regarding(More)
OBJECTIVE Age, diabetes, and elevated inflammatory markers independently increase the risk of functional decline. We examined the effect of C-reactive protein (CRP) and interleukin-6 (IL-6) on the incident mobility limitation in older adults with and without diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We analyzed data from a cohort of 2,895 well-functioning(More)
Lenalidomide is an antiangiogenic drug associated with hypothyroidism. We describe a case-series of lenalidomide use in hematological cancers and the prevalence of thyroid abnormalities. We reviewed medical records of patients treated with lenalidomide at a single center form 2005 to 2010 and extracted demographic, clinical, and laboratory data. Of 170(More)
BACKGROUND Transitions to patient-centered health care, the increasing complexity of care, and growth in self-management have all increased the frequency and intensity of clinical services provided outside office settings and between visits. Understanding how electronic messaging, which is often used to coordinate care, affects care is crucial. A taxonomy(More)
BACKGROUND Pay-for-performance is proliferating, yet its impact on key stakeholders remains uncertain. OBJECTIVE The Society of General Internal Medicine systematically evaluated ethical issues raised by performance-based physician compensation. RESULTS We conclude that current arrangements are based on fundamentally acceptable ethical principles, but(More)
AIMS Elderly patients with diabetes are at increased fracture risk. Although long exposure to hyperglycemia may increase fracture risk via adverse effects on bone metabolism, tight glycemic control may increase risk via trauma subsequent to hypoglycemia. We tested the prospective relationship between glycemic control and fracture risk in 10,572 elderly(More)
OBJECTIVE Prior studies have suggested socioeconomic differences in outcome expectations for diabetes. This paper explores outcome expectations of adults of varied socioeconomic status with type 2 diabetes, examining differences between African Americans and whites. DESIGN A qualitative study using focus groups of individuals with type 2 diabetes.(More)