Mari-Emi Alonso

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We present a new map showing dimeric kinesin bound to microtubules in the presence of ADP that was obtained by electron cryomicroscopy and image reconstruction. The directly bound monomer (first head) shows a different conformation from one in the more tightly bound empty state. This change in the first head is amplified as a movement of the second(More)
Cryo-electron microscopy and 3D image reconstruction of microtubules saturated with kinesin dimers has shown one head bound to tubulin, the other free. The free head of rat kinesin sits on the top right of the bound head (with the microtubule oriented plus-end upwards) in the presence of 5'-adenylylimido-diphosphate (AMPPNP) and on the top left in(More)
Electrostatic self-assembly was used to fabricate new smart multi-layer coatings, using a recombinant elastin-like polymer (ELP) and chitosan as the counterion macromolecule. The ELP was bioproduced, purified and its purity and expected molecular weight were assessed. Aggregate size measurements, obtained by light scattering of dissolved ELP, were performed(More)
We have studied the structure of microtubules decorated with kinesin motor domains in different nucleotide states by 3D electron microscopy. Having docked the atomic coordinates of both dimeric ADP.kinesin and tubulin heterodimer into a map of kinesin dimers bound to microtubules in the presence of ADP, we try to predict which regions of the proteins(More)
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