Mari-Carmen Bañuls

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This paper introduces a new group communication component designed to provide adaptiveness and high availability in a broad sense. The key element of the system is a switching protocol that enables replacing in runtime the currently used group communication protocol by a different one. Such an architecture can take advantage of the different features of(More)
A 27-year-old woman developed a haematoma-related compressive neuropathy of the right sciatic nerve following the harvesting of a bone graft from the posterior aspect of the right iliac crest. The nerve was compressed in an enclosed compartment between the sciatic notch and the piriformis muscle, which is thought to be involved in the piriformis syndrome.(More)
We analyze the possibility to prepare a Heisenberg antiferromagnet with cold fermions in optical lattices, starting from a band insulator and adiabatically changing the lattice potential. The numerical simulation of the dynamics in 1D allows us to identify the conditions for success, and to study the influence that the presence of holes in the initial state(More)
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