Marhalil Marjuni

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Oil palm, a plantation crop of major economic importance in Southeast Asia, is the predominant source of edible oil worldwide. We report the identification of the virescens (VIR) gene, which controls fruit exocarp colour and is an indicator of ripeness. VIR is a R2R3-MYB transcription factor with homology to Lilium LhMYB12 and similarity to Arabidopsis(More)
Somaclonal variation arises in plants and animals when differentiated somatic cells are induced into a pluripotent state, but the resulting clones differ from each other and from their parents. In agriculture, somaclonal variation has hindered the micropropagation of elite hybrids and genetically modified crops, but the mechanism responsible remains(More)
In practice, progeny and individual palm selection are believed to be the most suitable breeding approach for improvement of quantitative traits in oil palm because their phenotypic expressions are strongly influenced by abiotic factors. Therefore progeny selection approach was applied in this study for the selection of high fresh fruit bunch (FFB) and(More)
Palm oil has a balanced fatty acid composition and has no trans fat. As a result, its use in food has increased as food-labeling laws have changed to specify trans fat content. Increasing oil production is the main goal in oil palm breeding. Genetic mapping and genomic studies in palm trees are necessary to understand the genetic architecture of economic(More)
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