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We introduce a family of convex (concave) functions called sup (inf) of powers, which are used as generator functions for a special type of quasi-arithmetic means. Using these means we generalize the large deviation result that was obtained in the homogeneous case by Shao [14] on self-normalized statistics. Furthermore, in the homogenous case, we derive the(More)
Let X(t), t ∈ [0, 1] d be an additive random field. We investigate the complexity of finite rank approximation X(t, ω) ≈ n k=1 ξ k (ω)ϕ k (t). The results obtained in asymptotic setting d → ∞, as suggested H.Wo´zniakowski, provide quantitative version of dimension curse phenomenon: we show that the number of terms in the series needed to obtain a given(More)
We consider Brownian motions and other processes (Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes, spherical Brownian motions) on various sets of symmetric matrices constructed from algebra structures, and look at their associated spectral measure processes. This leads to the identification of the multiplicity of the eigenvalues, together with the identification of the(More)
Generalizing the work of [5, 41], we give a general solution to the following problem: describe the triplets (Ω, g, µ) where g = (g ij (x)) is the (co)metric associated to the symmetric second order differential operator L(f) = 1 ρ ij ∂ i (g ij ρ∂ j f), defined on a domain Ω of R d and such that L is expandable on a basis of orthogonal polynomials on L 2(More)
A 2-year-old recently spayed female Rottweiler was referred as an emergency with cardiac tamponade and the presence of an anomalous retrograde flow in the pulmonary artery. Echocardiography and angiography demonstrated a left-to-right aortopulmonary fistula. Clinical history and data indicated a possible infectious aetiology. Antibiotics and heart failure(More)
Clinical users expectations from medical informatics are evolving due to the wide availability of biomedical information services on the Internet. Thanks to hypertexts and advanced browsing tools users with no informatical expertise can travel on the Internet and easily gain access to textual databases. With a multimedia computer other kinds of information(More)
  • Proverbio, Del Zotto, M Zani
  • 2007
A. " Greek language processing in naïve and skilled readers: functional properties of the VWFA investigating with ERPs " , Cognitive Neuropsychology, v.23, no.3 (May 2006), pp. 355-400. t 4. Likesas, G., Zachopoulou, E. " Music and movement education as a form of motivation in teaching Greek traditional dances " .
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