Marguerite Sossou

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XRCC1 participates in DNA single strand break and base excision repair (BER) to preserve genetic stability in mammalian cells. XRCC1 participation in these pathways is mediated by its interactions with several of the acting enzymes. Here, we report that XRCC1 interacts physically and functionally with hOGG1, the human DNA glycosylase that initiates the(More)
XRCC1 protein is essential for mammalian viability and is required for the efficient repair of single strand breaks (SSBs) and damaged bases in DNA. XRCC1-deficient cells are genetically unstable and sensitive to DNA damaging agents. XRCC1 has no known enzymatic activity and is thought to act as a scaffold protein for both SSB and base excision repair(More)
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