Marguerite Madden

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  • Mathew Miller, Sergio Bernardes, Rajith Mukundan, Hunter Allen, Sheika Aragundi, Allison Ginn +7 others
  • 2008
Dr. Madden announced that the Chattanooga ASPRS Mid-South Regional Meeting will take place in Chattanooga, TN over Fall Break. The final schedule will be released soon. Contact her for additional information. Sergio reminded the Chapter members that the ASPRS Awards Applications are due early this year. Submit your complete application no later than October(More)
The Sunda Banda Seascape (SBS), located in the center of the Coral Triangle, is a global center of marine biodiversity and a conservation priority. We proposed the first biophysical environmental delineation of the SBS using globally available satellite remote sensing and model-assimilated data to categorize this area into unique and meaningful biophysical(More)
Coal fires that are induced by natural spontaneous combustion or result from human activities occurring on the surface and in underground coal seams destroy coal resources and cause serious environmental degradation. Thermal infrared image data, which directly measure surface temperature, can be an important tool to map coal fires over large areas. As the(More)
Salmonellosis cases in the in the United States show distinct geographical trends, with the southeast reporting among the highest rates of illness. In the state of Georgia, USA, non-outbreak associated salmonellosis is especially high in the southern low-lying coastal plain. Here we examined the distribution of Salmonella enterica in environmental waters(More)
Lung cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women in Georgia, USA. However, the spatio-temporal patterns of lung cancer risk in Georgia have not been fully studied. Hierarchical Bayesian models are used here to explore the spatio-temporal patterns of lung cancer incidence risk by race and gender in Georgia for the period of(More)
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