Marguerite E. Barratt

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Serum antibody responses to ingested aqueous alcohol-extracted soya proteins were studied in thirty-six pre-ruminant calves. Characterization of this antibody showed it to be predominantly a complement-fixing IgG1 preciptin. No evidence of tolerance was seen; previously sensitized calves responded to reintroduction of a soya diet with marked increases in(More)
Elderly humans have altered cellular redox levels and dysregulated immune responses, both of which are key events underlying the progression of chronic degenerative diseases of ageing, such as atherosclerosis and Alzeimer's disease. Poorly maintained cellular redox levels lead to elevated activation of nuclear transcription factors such as NFkB and AP-1.(More)
Explants of articular cartilage from young pigs were maintained in organ culture for 10--16 days, and degradation of matrix was induced by retinol or complement-sufficient antiserum. The percentage breakdown of proteoglycan and collagen (as hydroxyproline release) was measured. The response of the cartilage depended on whether or not the explants were cut(More)
1. The normal synovium of the metacarpophalangeal joints of young pigs was examined by light and electron microscopy with special reference to the superficial layer (intima). 2. Cells of the macrophage-like or A-type (Barland et al. 1962) constituted only a small proportion of the intimal synoviocytes; the majority were of the intermediate and B-types. 3.(More)
Drawing on theorizing on acculturative stress (Berry, 1987; In Press: Bhagat & London, 1999) and conservation of resource views of stress (Hobfoll, 1989) as organizing frameworks, this chapter presents original qualitative date from 79 interviews conducted with low income Latino migrant farm working mothers from five camps in Michigan in the U.S. We discuss(More)
Trickle immunization of poultry by incorporating wildtype strains of coccidia in the feed has been shown to be an effective and practical means of controlling coccidiosis. Here we develop a mathematical model of the life cycle of Eimeria tenella and estimate the model parameters from extant experimental studies. Numerical solutions of the model compare well(More)