Marguerite Delaval

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Bats are the natural reservoir of a variety of viruses, including a polyomavirus (PyV) from a North American brown bat. We investigated 163 spleen samples from 22 bat species from French Guiana for the presence of PyVs. In total, we detected 25 PyV-positive animals belonging to nine different bat species. Phylogenetic analysis was performed on the genomes(More)
In South America, dengue is the arbovirus-transmitted disease with the highest incidence. Unlike other arboviruses, wild mammals have no confirmed role in the cycle of dengue in the neotropics, although serological studies have suggested a possible secondary amplification cycle involving mammals other than nonhuman primates. In French Guiana, where all four(More)
INTRODUCTION In addition to the commonly accepted importance of the vampire bat in the maintenance and transmission of the rabies virus (RABV) in South America, RABV infection of other species is widely evidenced, challenging their role in the viral cycle. METHODOLOGY / PRINCIPLES FINDINGS To identify the bioecological drivers of RABV circulation in(More)
Seminal fluid allergy is a possible diagnosis in front vulvovaginal inflammations occurring rapidly after coitus. The type I reaction (revealed by the immediate hypersensitivity Prick-test) is most frequently encountered. In case of systemic symptoms, the circulating Ig E specific antibodies can be increased. Treatment is palliative (condoms, antihistamines(More)
BACKGROUND Myotis albescens occurs from Mexico southward to Uruguay and Argentina. The species is known for all South American countries except French Guiana and Chile. NEW INFORMATION Based on one specimen recently collected in French Guiana we fill part of the gap in the distribution of the species in South America. Myotis albescens occurs in the Guiana(More)
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