Marguerite Cornille

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We present a modeling study of x-ray line polarization in plasmas driven by high-intensity, ultrashort duration pulsed lasers. Electron kinetics simulations of these transient and nonequilibrium plasmas predict non-Maxwellian and anisotropic electron distribution functions. Under these conditions, the magnetic sublevels within fine structure levels can be(More)
The ion Fe XVI is abundant in solar active regions and flares. Strong spectral lines from this ion have been observed over a wide wavelength range. The transitions 3s 3p and 3p 3d fall between 250 and 365Å and lines from transitions between n=3 to n=4, n=3 to n=5 fall between 30 and 80 Å. In this paper, we present distorted wave results for the electron(More)
Energy levels, radiative decay, and Auger rates have been calculated for dielectronic recombination of seven Ne-like ions, ranging from Fel7+ to Ag38+, from the n = 2 F-like shell into the n = 3 one, by use of the multiconfiguration AUTOLSJ code in intermediate coupling. Rate coefficients have then been computed versus the electronic temperature, the(More)
Amnesic patients and control subjects were asked to reproduce arm movements of a given amplitude and to average amplitudes on series of three such movements. The error in averaging was found to be equal in patients and control subjects while reproduction performance was clearly affected by amnesia. The implications of these data for a theory of amnesia are(More)
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