Margrethe Lomholt

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Little is known of the selectivity of the blood-brain barrier at birth. Hexoses are transported through the barrier by a facilitating mechanism. To study the capacity of this mechanism to distinguish between analogs of D-glucose, we compared the transport of fluorodeoxyglucose, deoxyglucose, glucose, methylglucose, mannose, galactose, mannitol, and(More)
The prejunctional muscarinic modulation of stimulation-evoked release of 3H-noradrenaline from sympathetic neurones in rabbit aorta was examined. The role of transmitter uptake, alpha-adrenoceptor blockade, stimulation frequency and endothelium on the modulation was investigated. Rings of aorta were incubated with (-)-3H-noradrenaline and subsequently(More)
This review studies the literature on the effects of parental presence during treatment of injured and acutely ill children. Parents wish to stay with their child, and clinicians increasingly find it beneficial, probably correlated with increased experience. Studies indicate that the treatment of the child is not compromised by parental presence but only a(More)
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