Margrete Einen

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Narcolepsy is a disabling neurological sleep disorder characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness and abnormal REM sleep manifestations. Recently, the role of cytokines and growth hormone in the regulation of sleep and narcolepsy has been considered, and data suggest that proinflammatory cytokines may be involved in sleep and narcoleptic symptoms. Serum(More)
Lower respiratory tract infections are common in small children, and are often associated with obstruction of the respiratory tract and coughing. In Norway, symptomatic treatment with ephedrine is common in children. The clinical effect of such treatment is not sufficiently documented and serious adverse drug reactions have been reported in small children(More)
OBJECTIVES We aimed to describe and report the initial validity of a newly developed structured interview for sleep disorders (Diagnostic Interview for Sleep Patterns and Disorders [DISP]) administered by trained lay interviewers. METHODS A total of 225 patients with various sleep disorders were recruited from two nationally recognized sleep centers in(More)
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