Margot van den Berg

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The immune response in the rat parathymic lymph node was studied after administration of antigen into the peritoneal cavity. Special attention was paid to the accessory cells,which might induce the response. During the induction phase of the response a heterogeneous population of non-lymphoid mononuclear cells was present in the subcapsular sinus and the(More)
Non-lymphoid dendritic cells were isolated from normal and paratyphoid vaccine-stimulated lymph nodes draining the rat skin. They were studied using enzymecytochemical, immunocytochemical and electron-microscopical methods. These cells had an irregular outline and an eccentrically situated nucleus. All showed acid phosphatase activity in a central area and(More)
This paper explores digitally archived data from three genres of 18th and 20th century texts in two Caribbean Creole language clusters: the Suriname Creoles and Virgin Island Dutch Creole. They will be approached from the perspective of variation and change within varieties that were originally genealogical blends: languages that are made up of typological(More)
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