Margot Tragin

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The green picoalgal genus Micromonas is broadly distributed in estuaries, coastal marine habitats and open oceans, from the equator to the poles. Phylogenetic, ecological and genomic analyses of culture strains and natural populations have suggested that this cosmopolitan genus is composed of several cryptic species corresponding to genetic lineages. We(More)
Prasinophytes clade VII is a group of pico/nano-planktonic green algae (division Chlorophyta) for which numerous ribosomal RNA (rRNA) sequences have been retrieved from the marine environment in the last 15 years. A large number of strains have also been isolated but have not yet received a formal taxonomic description. A phylogenetic analysis of available(More)
We compared the composition of eukaryotic communities using two genetic markers (18S rRNA V4 and V9 regions) at 27 sites sampled during Ocean Sampling Day 2014, with a focus on photosynthetic groups and, more specifically green algae (Chlorophyta). Globally, the V4 and V9 regions of the 18S rRNA gene provided similar images of alpha diversity and ecological(More)
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