Margot Nicholls

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OBJECTIVE To measure changes in the training and workload of preregistration house officers over four years. DESIGN Postal questionnaire. SETTING The Thames health regions. PARTICIPANTS 1049 preregistration house officers. RESULTS Response rate was 69% (725 replies). The proportion of house officers officially on duty > 83 hours a week fell from at(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the quality of preregistration house officer training in eight English regions. DESIGN Postal questionnaire. SETTING Thames, East Anglian, Mersey, Northern, and Wessex regions. PARTICIPANTS 1670 preregistration house officers. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Education, hours of work, workload, conditions of work, and attitudes to job and(More)
Commonly thought of as a disease of poverty and overcrowding in resource-poor settings globally, scabies is also an important public health issue in residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE) in high-income countries such as the UK. We compared and contrasted current local Health Protection Team (HPT) guidelines for the management of scabies(More)
On 30 May 2012, Surrey and Sussex Health Protection Unit was called by five nurseries reporting children and staff with sudden onset vomiting approximately an hour after finishing their lunch that day. Over the following 24 h 50 further nurseries supplied by the same company reported cases of vomiting (182 children, 18 staff affected). Epidemiological(More)
Preoperative mechanical bowel preparation, peroperative topical antiseptic measures, and postoperative antibiotic therapy have all been shown to reduce infection after colorectal surgery. We report the results of a randomised trial of preoperative irrigation with a 10% aqueous solution of povidone-iodine (Betadine) versus water in patients undergoing major(More)