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There is now widespread recognition of the changing nature of students in higher education: they are demographically diverse, have extensive external time demands, and expect greater flexibility and support during their programs. As a consequence of this and other changes to the higher education sector, many universities worldwide have introduced a range of(More)
Web-based lecture technologies (WBLT) have been introduced by some Australian Universities in recognition that many students need flexible learning choices during their studies. This paper reports on some of the findings of a research project, "the impact of WBLT on current and future practice in learning and teaching". The research was conducted across(More)
Where a danger to health from heat stress is identified, standards allow decisions for implementing measures to reduce the heat stress to be made. These standards, specifically ISO 7243 (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index, WBGT) and ISO 7933 (Sweat Required, SWreq) were designed with European and American subjects, primarily for use in those countries. While(More)
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