Margot Jacobs

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We present the project Tejp, which aims at exploring the potential of ubiquitous computing as an expressive means of personalising public space. The project consists of a series of experiments in which users deploy open low-tech prototypes in urban settings to create layers of personal information and meaning in public space through the parasiting of(More)
In the research project 'Reach', we investigate the potential for new forms of communication and expression to be incorporated dynamically and interactively into the things to be worn everyday. Through a series of iterative prototypes, we have explored both dynamic textile materials and the interactive behaviours of clothing and accessories, which change(More)
1. Abstract We are exploring methods for participatory and public involvement of new 'players' in the design space. Underdogs & Superheroes involves a game-based methodology – a series of creative activities or games – in order to engage people experientially, creatively, and personally throughout the design process. We have found that games help engage(More)
Introduction It might seem as if 'computers' have remained largely the same since the introduction of the personal computer and the graphical user interface some decades ago, but this is far from true. Now that we are beginning to understand how to use – and live with – these large square boxes interfaced through screens, keyboards and a multitude of(More)
Dramatic changes in the healthcare industry are forcing organizations to find innovative ways to survive. The most critical component for organizational survival is the ability to communicate with and connect to internal and external information sources. It becomes imperative that organizations employ minimum standards and protocols in network design even(More)
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