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To the Editor: Arizona Senate Bill 1062 was met with appropriate outrage. Ruling that a person may not be forced to act in a manner inconsistent with his or her religious beliefs, the proposal could have permitted people not to serve anyone who made them “uneasy.” Some persons were concerned that the bill intentionally targeted lesbian, gay, bisexual, and(More)
The trachea has a complex anatomy to fulfill its tasks. Its unique fibro-cartilaginous structure maintains an open conduit during respiration, and provides vertical elasticity for deglutition, mobility of the neck and speech. Blood vessels pierce the intercartilaginous ligaments to perfuse the ciliated epithelium, which ensures effective mucociliary(More)
BACKGROUND Successful trachea transplantation comprises the use of biocompatible constructs with little immune-reactivity, submucosal revascularization and creation of an epithelial covering. Allogenic chondrocytes might be protected from an overt immune-response due to physical isolation. Our aim was to evaluate in-vivo biocompatibility of allotracheae,(More)
Successful tissue-engineered tracheal transplantation relies on the use of non-immunogenic constructs, which can vascularize rapidly, support epithelial growth, and retain mechanical properties to that of native trachea. Current strategies to assess mechanical properties fail to evaluate the trachea to its physiological limits, and lead to irreversible(More)
RESULTS: 3 men and 20 women were included in the study with an average age of 63 (±6 years). The average BMI was 26.0 (±4.6 kg/m). 26 feet were injected in Group 1, and 17 were injected in Group 2. There was no variance in BMI or age across groups. In Group 1, fat pad thickness was increased until 12 months postoperatively (p<0.05). In Group 2, fat pad(More)
Materials and Methods: A retrospective review of all patients admitted during 2011–2014, who developed Ulcer of the leg and were treated by lipofilling in the National centre for burns and plastic surgery, University Hospital, Ibn-Rochd Casablanca, Morocco. Patients with large ulcers and those with exposure of bone exposure were omitted from the study.(More)
Complex tracheal and laryngeal defects can be reconstructed using prelamination and prefabrication techniques. Three clinical situations are described in detail in the article. In short segment restenosis defects within scarred surroundings, we restore the fibrocartilaginous defect with a radial forearm fascia flap prelaminated with buccal mucosa or(More)
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