Margot B Kinds

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OBJECTIVE Expression of osteoarthritis (OA) varies significantly between individuals, and over time, suggesting the existence of different phenotypes, possibly with specific etiology and targets for(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate associations of biochemical markers of joint metabolism and inflammation with minimum joint space width (JSW) and osteophyte area (OP area) of knees showing no or doubtful(More)
OBJECTIVE The clinical application of quantitative measurement of separate radiographic parameters of knee osteoarthritis (OA) might be hampered by a lack of reproducible semiflexed joint positioning(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether computer-assisted, interactive digital analysis of knee radiographs enables identification of different quantitative features of joint damage, and to evaluate the(More)
OBJECTIVE Detailed radiographic evaluation might enable the identification of osteoarthritis (OA) earlier in the disease. This study evaluated whether and which separate quantitative features on knee(More)
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