Margo S Toombs

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The goal of the Student Success Program is to retain bright and capable nursing students by supporting them to become expert learners through enhancing their study, test taking, time and stress management, written and oral communication, and critical thinking skills. Students for whom English is a second language also receive instruction in accent(More)
This study concerns an analysis of articulatory substitutions of 801 students using markedness theory and a distinctive feature model (Singh & Singh, 1976). The 556 male and 245 female students ranged in age from 3--7 years and were diagnosed as evidencing an articulatory disorder or a linguistic delay. Significantly more feature substitutions moved from(More)
Articulation errors of 1,077 children of various ages, etiologies, and sexes were taken from several standardized articulation tests. The Singh and Singh (1976) distinctive feature system was used to produce profiles for each subgroup for consonant phonemes in the initial, medial, and final word positions. Distinctive features were used with different(More)
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