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Sucrose synthase (SuSy) catalyzes the reversible conversion of sucrose and a nucleoside diphosphate into fructose and nucleotide (NDP)-glucose. To date, only SuSy’s from plants and cyanobacteria, both photosynthetic organisms, have been characterized. Here, four prokaryotic SuSy enzymes from the nonphotosynthetic organisms Nitrosomonas Europaea (SuSyNe),(More)
Sucrose phosphorylase is a promising biocatalyst for the glycosylation of a wide range of compounds, but its industrial application has been hampered by the low thermostability of known representatives. Hence, in this study, the putative sucrose phosphorylase from the thermophile Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum was recombinantly expressed and(More)
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