Margo A Bagley

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Introduction In magnetic resonance microscopy where the radiofrequency coil is an important source of noise, superconducting coils are of particular interest as their zero resistance increases the amount of signal recorded, while their low temperature decreases the noise contribution from the coil. Signal-to-noise ratio improvements as large as a factor of(More)
This Article explores the U.S. "patent first, ask questions later" approach to determining what subject matter should receive patent protection. Under this approach, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO or the Agency) issues patents on "anything under the sun made by man," and to the extent a patent's subject matter is sufficiently controversial,(More)
This article provides the first comprehensive analysis of when compulsory licensing of patents is permissible as a matter of international law under the Agreement of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS). Thailand's recent compulsory licenses of patents on a variety of medications provide a convenient vehicle to analyze the limits of(More)
is an information service for those involved in planning and providing health care in Canada. HTIS responses are based on a limited literature search and are not comprehensive, systematic reviews. The intent is to provide a list of sources of the best evidence on the topic that CADTH could identify using all reasonable efforts within the time allowed. HTIS(More)
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