Margitta Schaefer

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In a retrospective study 143 chronic subdural haematomas in 120 patients were analysed. 64% of patients were 60 years or older. All haematomas were operated on by slightly enlarged burr-hole craniotomy and closed system drainage for three days postoperatively. A history of trauma was present in 63%. Most frequent symptoms in the older patients were mental(More)
152 patients with thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger's disease) and pain from critical leg ischaemia were randomly allocated to receive iloprost, a chemically stable prostacyclin analogue, or low-dose aspirin, for 28 days in a double-blind trial. On review, 19 patients did not fulfil the stringent entry criteria. Of the other 133 patients, 98 also had leg(More)
OBJECTIVE Demonstrating clinical benefit of higher doses of inhaled corticosteroids in asthma is frequently problematic owing to their relatively flat dose-response curve in this condition. In this study we compared the efficacy and safety of a fourfold difference in the dose of ciclesonide-ciclesonide 320 microg twice daily (CIC640) versus ciclesonide 160(More)
BACKGROUND A combination of platin-based perioperative chemotherapy (PBPC) plus surgical resection has become the standard of care in Europe for locally advanced esophagogastric adenocarcinoma (EGAC). In contrast to preoperative chemotherapy, the postoperative administration of chemotherapy is omitted in a high percentage of patients. We conducted this(More)
PURPOSE More than 80% of patients with breast cancer undergoing postsurgical radiotherapy (RT) will develop radiodermatitis and approximately 10% of these patients show grade 3 lesions. Side effects may reduce the patient's compliance and can be limiting factors to follow RT protocols. Therefore, there is a high need for more effective prophylactic(More)