Margit Mako

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Insulin isolated from the pancreas of a diabetic patient with fasting hyperinsulinaemia showed decreased activity in binding to cell membrane insulin receptors and in stimulating cellular 2-deoxyglucose transport and glucose oxidation. Chemical studies suggest that the isolated hormone is a mixture of normal insulin and an abnormal variant which contains a(More)
—It has become necessary for a high performance polyethylene (PET) bottle shrink machine control by micro-controllers, which can produce a parallel operation. It also needs such a service solution there are query the independent parallel units provide, supervising, as well as the various human-machine interface services to provide. In this case is always(More)
—The cooperation of the analog and digital circuits and the embedded controllers as well as their industrial use and technical application have always been in the focus of our interest. In reconfigurable systems the effectiveness and quality of the analog circuit system can be maintained and modified by circuit or by changing the single element values.(More)
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