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Dampened Voices: A Comparative Look at Roma Adolescents’ Discourses on Being ‘Othered’ at School
There exists a considerable body of work in sociology and anthropology which addresses the issues of educational disadvantages and poor school performance of ethnic minority children. According to anExpand
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Mainstreaming the Extreme: Intersecting Challenges from the Far Right in Europe
This is the first issue of the new journal Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics (EEJSP). As our point of departure, we take a timely subject for European societies: theExpand
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Refugee Protection and Civil Society in Europe
Chapter 1: Civil Society and Volunteering in the So-Called Refugee Crisis of 2015 – Ambiguities and Structural Tensions; Ludger Pries -- Chapter 2: Networks of Refugee and Asylum RelatedExpand
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East European Journal of Society and Politics Human Rights and EU Conditionality in the Western Balkans
This paper takes a broad view on the context of EU conditionality and, after presenting various challenges, narrows down its focus to provide evidence for the shortcomings concerning media freedom inExpand
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‘Rocking the nation’: the popular culture of neo‐nationalism
The aim of this paper is to understand contemporary forms of nationalism in a socio-political context in which neo-nationalism has obtained a dominant role not just in politics but in publicExpand
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Understanding the rise of the far right from a local perspective: Structural and cultural conditions of ethno-traditionalist inclusion and racial exclusion in rural Hungary
ABSTRACT This paper analyses the reconfiguration of social relations in rural Hungary after the collapse of socialism as well as the cultural idioms in which these changes were interpreted in orderExpand
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‘We Are That In-Between Nation’: Discourses of Deservingness of Hungarian Migrants Working in Institutions of Refugee Accommodation in Germany
The article elaborates on the role of deservingness discourses in regulating membership of non-citizen groups in Germany. Specifically, it focuses on Hungarians working or volunteering inExpand
Politics of Care and Compassion: Civic Help for Refugees and Its Political Implications in Hungary—A Mixed-Methods Approach
This chapter focuses on philanthropic aid provided to refugees crossing Hungary between the spring and autumn of 2015. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, the paper elaborates theExpand
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