Margie Mohler

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One hundred sixty-eight Angus X Hereford crossbred beef steers were utilized to evaluate the influence of two levels of monensin (0 or 33 ppm) on three levels of dietary protein (9, 11 or 13% on a dry matter basis). The study was divided into a growing phase when steers received ad libitum corn silage and the needed protein supplement to supply the(More)
The effects of IGFBPs on IGF-1 bioactivity in vivo remain largely unknown. We have tested the ability of rhIGFBP-3, made in 293 cells or CHO cells, to affect the glycemic and anabolic activities of co-administered rhIGF-1. For glycemic studies female dw/dw rats were anesthetized, a jugular catheter inserted, basal blood samples taken and i.v. injections(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the safety profile, pharmacokinetics, and thrombolytic activity of alfimeprase, a novel direct-acting thrombolytic agent, in patients with chronic peripheral arterial occlusion (PAO). MATERIALS AND METHODS In this multicenter, open-label, single-dose, dose-escalation study, 20 patients with worsening symptoms of lower extremity(More)
To assess the accuracy of venous blood sampling obtained from peripheral intravenous infusion lines, peripheral saline locks, and by peripheral venipuncture, dual blood samples from 55 hospitalized patients were compared for test reliability. Tests included complete blood cell counts, electrolyte studies, and general survey panels. Results showed that(More)
Two 56-d shipping fever trials of similar design were conducted the same season (fall) at Kansas State University (KSU) and at Purdue University (PU) to compare various levels of chlortetracycline (0 or 350 mg X head-1 X d-1 continuously or 1, 2 or 4 g X head-1 X d-1 for the first 14 d). Weanling crossbred steer calves were utilized (210 head of Angus X(More)
It was discovered that 2,3-bis-(2-methoxy-phenyl)-5-phenylamino-[1,2,4]-thiadiazolium bromide (1), a 1,2,4-thiadiazolium derivative, could be reduced to the corresponding imidoylthiourea, 1-[(2-methoxy-phenyl)-(2-methoxy-phenylimino)-methyl]-3-phenyl-thiourea (3), by some biologically interesting reducing reagents including glutathione, cysteine, and(More)
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